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The stories behind Moroccan rugs and culture

Nothing can be more hypnotic than looking at a masterpiece and hearing the story behind it. Even more mesmerizing when you get a chance to share the ambiance with the forth comers of some ancient civilization.Here we are at carpet place in Marrakech’s Souk de Tapis by Ismael’s. The unusual Moroccan carpets are covering floor hanging […]

Tifinagh in Embellishing the Amazigh Carpet

What is Tifinagh? Derived from the old Berber script, Tifinagh is a Phoenician or an old consonantal letter that has managed to survive among Tuareg. The Moroccan carpet, especially the Amazigh one, is awash with many stacked geometric shapes and striking colors. Berber’s have a cultural and identity load, most particularly the Amazigh letter Tifinagh. […]

The Berber Carpet; A True Locus to The Moroccan Cultural Distinctiveness.

What is a Berber Carpet? Berber rug, as the name suggests, is made by Berber people in Sahara and North Africa. Distinguished by different knotting patterns, fabric textures, and dyes, these carpets come in modern and traditional avatars.  Further, it is considered an artistic textile and is adored by ancient heritage lovers throughout the globe. […]

Moroccan Rug

Moroccan rugs have a unique appearance and are right away recognizable. These lovely hand-knotted carpets are exquisite and one of a kind, with each pattern conveying an extraordinary tale via its intricate design. Moroccan rugs, which date back to the 16th century, have been part of the country’s legacy for generations. As a result of […]

How to prepare wool for carding and dyeing?

The craftswomen of Morocco use sheep wool to create their rugs and carpets. The sheep wool is dyed without any hassle, and it allows for the creation of multiple colorful and knotted carpets/rugs. These are high pile wool carpets that are called Berber carpets. The rug crafts with the help of effort and innovation. However, […]

The Fascinating Symbols in Moroccan Berber Carpets

Moroccan Berber carpets Moroccan Nomadic rugs are popular because of their bright appearance, including a distinctive ashy persona, absence of geometry, conceptual effect, gentle palm wool stack, weavers’ innovation, and breathtaking themes. Signs that come together to create out-of-the-box concepts and tales rooted in Moroccan country life. Moroccan Berber carpets have their importance because of […]

Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Rug Weaving Techniques

The tribes or Berber and different Moroccan nomads usually use rugs as saddle pads (also called numnah), camp partitions and wraps. The carpet crafts from natural wools that were dense and warm, thus, difficult to carry, whilst lighter rugs were convenient to carry and wear. Moroccan tapestry became famous, brilliant, and multicolored as bedouin and […]

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