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Boucherouite Rugs – The pioneers of feasible decor

Environment-friendly Art

Morocco is admired for its delicate and beautiful pieces of hand-woven Berber rugs. The weaving represents the traditions and beliefs of old age. However, in the 20th century, a new kind of tradition started making its place, where women started to recycle material to make carpets in a cheaper way. The new style seems to be wavy and extravagant.

This new style was named boucherouite, which is pronounced as (boo-shay-reet) that comes from an Arabic word, meaning ‘a torn piece of old cloth’.

Up-cycling material

These rural rugs are a practical example of up-cycling material, and the best part is that it is environment-friendly. In addition, the rugs have great quality and durability even when it is handmade. Thus, making use of resources and applying creativity is worth praising.

Women’s used pieces of cloth, yarn, and used woolen to make a new masterpiece which reflects a high level of creativity and dedication. Well, that is not it! They also used plastic pieces, sheets, lure, and nylon to create texture for their rugs. A Berber woman also created these pieces without a fixed method or strategy rather they continued the design freely. One thing to admire about these rugs was the sustainability, style, and durability of the final product.

The dyes used in these rugs were highly attractive, appealing, and eye-catchy. They added a great touch of creativity to the rugs making them pop. Women created the design with their senses and ideas by using every unwanted piece of plastic, clothing, and sheet.

In addition, the product has a vibrant and bold appearance which makes it a piece of contemporary art.

Notable & the second hand

Although these rugs had a unique and exceptional appearance, these rugs were not used for selling. No one ever thought of selling them in the market, however, the rugs were used in open areas, sitting, and eating food.

Not only this, the rug was used on mules, and horses to get a comfortable ride. These rugs are still a part of Moroccan streets, and you will find them as seat covers. Moreover, these boucherouite rugs add beauty to your home and is inexpensive decor that everyone would love.

Lastly, it is necessary to praise and note the factor of up-cycling material that is not used commonly and is thrown away. It is a perfect example of using materials in a fancy yet useful way!

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